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The Scotch Whisky Nosing Aroma Kit

Become the Scotch Whisky connoisseur you have always wanted to be!

The Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing KitAs over 90% of the sensation of “flavour” is due to the sense of smell, it is essential for Scotch Whisky enthusiasts to become knowledgeable regarding the key aromas associated with Scotch Whiskies.

Our “Nose Training System” is both systematic and fun removing the mystery of “Nosing & Tasting Notes” and allowing the myriad of fine Scotch Whiskies to be enjoyed with the confidence and “insider knowledge” of the select few.

Let us guide you as we;

  • Introduce a series of key reference aromas typically found in Scotch Whisky
  • Educate you regarding nosing terminology/vocabulary
  • Explain the Scotch Whisky nosing and tasting process
  • Identify the key aromas in your favourite single malts

The Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit contains;

  • 24 Aroma Nosing Samples - carefully selected by a specialist aroma scientist
  • Aroma Smelling Strip System - unique with Patent Pending
  • Explanatory Nosing Guide
  • Nosing and Tasting Record Sheet

As used by;

  • Leading Scotch Whisky Companies
  • Scotch Whisky Connoisseurs
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Scotch Whisky Clubs & Societies
  • Single Malt Enthusiasts Worldwide

Purchase of the kit also allows EXCLUSIVE access to our unique interactive online Whisky Nosing Community (WNC) and a series of additional aromas.

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Whisky Nosing Kit

The Aromas
1. Alcohol
2. Balsamic (Vanilla)
3. Balsamic (Hay)
4. Buttery
5. Caramel
6. Citrus
7. Decay
8. Ethereal
9. Earthy
10. Floral (Rose Water)
11. Floral (Carnation)
12. Fruity
13. Cut Grass
14. Malty
15. Medicinal
16. Nutty
17. Peaty
18. Phenolic
19. Smoky
20. Solventy
21. Sherry
22. Spicy
23. Spirituous
24. Woody