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What is so special about our approach to the creation of Perfumes ?

and, therefore,

What is so special about how we will guide you to create your very own unique Perfumes?

Well, let us first consider the following three crucial points;

1. Firstly, our approach is “centred on the perfume” – and not the things which get in the way of learning and appreciating the ancient art of perfume making.


2. Secondly, our approach is also focused on you. It is about your personal reactions to different types of scents - not the reactions as dictated by a closed world of celebrities – and certain journalists- who often have not the faintest practical training regarding perfume making (after all, would you have faith in a cookery journalist who never ever prepared a meal or a motoring journalist who had never driven a car?!)

You will actually experience all the important perfume oils - and not just read about them.

You will literally start to become a Perfumer . You will have an active and creative role - in sharp contrast to the passive and uninformed role of the typical beauty journalist. In addition, for those of you who are really serious about learning and training in the art and science of perfumery, we can guide you onto the path to go much further and, potentially, establish your own boutique Perfumery business creating personal perfumes.


3. The third key feature is that our approach has been developed by a distinguished, experienced, professional Perfumer . George Dodd not only spends his days making new perfumes but is also one of the most distinctive smell Scientists of the age, with a record of “World Firsts” including the world’s first conferences on the Psychology of Perfumery and who has been teaching perfumery at all levels for the past 30 years.

George believes that the great glory of perfumery is the opportunity to create your very own personal perfume. He fervently believes that this is “real Perfumery” and is, indeed, the “pinnacle of practical Perfumery.”


The SATS Perfume Development Kits

In the SATS Perfume Development Kits, we bring you a different approach to perfumery - and an approach that we know works successfully as we have been following it for several years with many satisfied customers.

It is important to be clear that we do not pretend that our Perfume Development Kit alone will provide a full systematic training schedule designed to make you a professional perfumer.

Our Perfume Development Kit does three key things, however ;

1. It gives you - along with the opportunities offered via our integral PEC (Perfume Enthusiasts Club) blogs - a good foundation in modern perfumery using contemporary aroma molecules which the professionals use. Your experiences will let you know whether you have the taste and talent for further work.

2. Secondly, for a thoroughly economical cost (cheaper than buying an equivalent volume of Eau de Parfum at perfume stores) you get the opportunity to create at least 20 different perfume types – all at a full perfume strength - and you can wear them as you would as if you had spent much more money at the perfume counter. Not only will you know the composition of each one, but by wearing them and examining their behaviour at intervals, you will get the opportunity to understand which notes really attract you.

3. The third feature builds on your experiences making and wearing your personal perfumes. You can further modify the perfumes, using the materials which you can purchase each month in the PEC blogs. Each blog will give you further information about the possibilities, building on the core Perfume Development Kit.

By the time you have explored the many perfumes possible with the kit alone, you will know a lot about perfumes and perfumery. In fact you will know much more than most beauty journalists (unless they too use this kit) because most of them have no practical perfume training - all their learning is ‘book learning. We are convinced that the only way to master perfumery is to do it - sniff; feel; think!


The Design of the Perfume Creation Kit.

The logic of the kit is easy to understand and is clearly explained in the comprehensive Perfume Development Guide Book which is an integral part of the kit (Summary of Contents given below.) We are in the business of creating a feeling or mood - perhaps literally ineffable ones - through the sense of smell.

We have designed a series of perfume bases, each with a complex composition and consisting of many specially blended oils. The scent of each blend is unambiguous, the psychological appeal of each is clear and, with your new scent vocabulary under your belt, you will find no difficulty in studying each of the bases and noting their sub-aromas, their nuances and how they work to attain a particular mood.

Using combinations of the bases, you will be able to create perfumes at any position in our carefully explained “Mood Maps.” We, of course, give you suggestions to get you started but as you acquire experience by sniffing, feeling and thinking you will soon be able to make your own decisions. You will, through experience, realise that it is necessary to take your time and to live with your perfumes for a while to give them a chance to express their scent secrets.

Essentially, we explore perfumery via a scheme we call – ‘learn and wear’.


Perfume Development Kit Types

We offer two types of kit, and with each –together with the additional advanced material available via the PEC blogs - you can gradually, vastly increase your perfume material collection and so, make an astonishing range of perfume. In addition, with the knowledge gained from our approach, you will know not only the key ingredients, but you will understand how the mood and psychology of the perfume relates to the materials.


The Core Perfume Development Kit

The Kit has three fundamental elements ;

  • Twenty Fundamental Scent Notes for Perfumery Training
  • Twenty Four perfume bases (each 8ml) in an elegant wooden box. There are 6 bases for each of the sectors in our mood map. As you gain experience, you will be able to use a little amount of any of the bases in each and any of the perfume sectors to develop new and exciting perfumes.
  • A Comprehensive Perfume Development Guide Book (see summary of Contents below)


The Luxury Perfume Development Kit

This contains all of he contents of the Core kit and an additional 20 perfume bases (five bases for each sector of the Mood Map) thus allowing a significantly greater range of possibilities in your perfume making.


Perfume Kit Development Guide

In addition to the Fundamental Scent Notes and the specially created Perfume Bases in the Perfume Development Kits, consider below a brief summary of the Contents covered in the accompanying Perfume Kit Development Guide ;


  • Learning About Perfumes and Perfume Creation in the 21 st Century
  • Our Strategy to Introducing You to the World of Perfumes and Perfume-Making
  • The ‘DNA’ of Perfume
  • A Book on Perfumes and Perfumery – by a Perfumer
  • When It Comes to Fine Perfume - The Nose Leads
  • ‘Fine’ Perfumery versus Product Perfumery
  • Synthetic Perfumes versus Natural Perfumes
  • My First Perfume Guide
  • Our Background; Pedigree; and Motivation - in – Scent & Aroma Kits
  • Our Rules of Engagement
  • Mood Mapping
  • Using Your Nose in the ‘Real’ World
  • Anosmia
  • Using the Perfume Kit
  • Pertinent Points for Perfume Making
  • Scent Classics

Section 2

Your Calibrated Scent Vocabulary

Twenty Fundamental Scent Notes for Perfumery Training

Section 3

Your 1 st Steps in Creative Perfumery

The Perfume Development Kit and how to use the Perfume Bases

Section 4

Perfume Points to Ponder

  • Catching-up On Your Scent Vocabulary
  • Perfumers
  • Perfumery: Art; Craft; or Just Marketing ?
  • The Pheromone Factor
  • What of Perfume Families ?
  • Hagiography in the Perfume World
  • Perfume Books ?
  • Your Sense of Smell – A Summary for “Perfumophiles”
  • Ethnic bias in Perfume Information
  • George Dodd
  • POP goes the Perfume
  • Perfume Courses
  • “Perfumistic” Futures
  • Aroma Kits
  • The Fragrant World of Perfume Blogs
  • Some of the Topics (amongst others) Covered in the PEC (Perfume Enthusiasts Club) Blogs
  • Perfume Creativity in An Age of Copycat Perfumes
  • A Perfume epilogue


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