Scent & Aroma Technology

Aroma Master Classes

We have created a series of active Nosing Events which could be the fist steps towards you becoming an expert in any one of four aromatic areas –

  • “Become a Scotch Whisky Malt Aroma Master”
  • “Acquire a Wine Connoisseur Nose”
  • “Create Your Very Own Personal Perfume”

You can even explore elements of each aroma area in a single entertaining session!

The Aroma Master Classes are conducted by world leading Aroma Scientist Dr George Dodd.

Our Aroma & Perfume Events

We are fully flexible regarding our Aroma & Perfume Events and work with clients including both private groups and Corporate customers – often at Corporate Events and Conferences - principally in the Scottish Central Belt (Edinburgh – Glasgow axis) and in London.


Master Classes range from a short evening event to a fuller afternoon occasion or even a full-day event (often popular with non-participating guests at international conferences).


One wonderful element of all of our events is the fact that participants are active – in a fun way. You learn by doing and we can even incorporate a competitive element – if your group would like this.

Aroma Kits

We use our unique Aroma Kits at our Master Class events and participants also have the option to purchase a relevant kit at a reduced rate. SATS is the premier company for professional smell education and has created a wide range of professional training kits for many aroma areas – including –

  • Whisky
  • Wine
  • Perfume


Other Aromatic Events

We have conceived and held all manner of scented events at which folk actively smell and make decisions and generally enjoy themselves and become aware of how important their sense of smell is.


Normally, the hosting company or organization or conference organizer arranges the venue – we just come and perform.

We can help you choose a suitable venue for your event.


Contact us for more information.

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